IWM Advisors, LLC  166 East 61st Street–Suite 6B  New York, NY 10065

917.697.4156 peterculver@iwmnyc.com

We are Different

Values. Our wealth management practice is based on three principles:

  • Independence: We take no revenue from products, commissions or referral fees. We act as a fiduciary on your behalf. Your interests are our top priority.
  • Customization: With a limited number of clients, we have the ability to focus on your unique situation and craft a tailored solution.
  • Responsiveness: We are always available to meet or speak directly with you.

Expertise. Our experience encompasses all aspects of wealth management: financial and estate planning, investments, trusts, insurance and banking. Founder and CEO Peter Culver has over 25 years of expertise guiding high net worth individuals and families in building successful financial futures.

Perspective.  Most firms focus on selling products and services. We bring to the table two more important qualities – experience and judgment – which can take your wealth management to a new level.

Teamwork. We always work in collaboration with your existing advisors. This team approach allows for the full integration of all aspects of your planning.

Are you looking for independent advice that is customized to your specific situation and coupled with outstanding service?