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Paying Too Many Taxes on Your Investments?

Eliminating Investment Taxes Background. The key to eliminating taxes on your investments is holding the investments in a tax-free vehicle.  We are all familiar with IRA accounts, where no taxes are paid while the investments are inside the IRA. Life Insurance.  Another well know tax-free vehicle is life insurance.  It is possible to hold an…

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Here is a summary of the key provisions in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts related to “Qualified Opportunity Zones”: 1. Tax Deferral. If you sell an asset and reinvest the capital gain, within 180 days, in a Qualified Opportunity Fund, tax on the gain is deferred until the earlier of (a) the sale…

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Are You Paying Too Much In Income Taxes?

The 2017 Tax Act dramatically lowered taxes by increasing the lifetime estate tax exclusion to $11.4 Million. The Tax Act also lowered income taxes in many respects. However, for wealthy individuals, there are many changes that increased income taxes. To make sure you aren’t paying too much Read More. Reducing Income Taxes Under the 2017…

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Are You Ready For A Down Market?

Key Steps To Weather A Market Downturn Check Your Risk Tolerance. No one’s risk tolerance – either financial or psychological – stays the same forever. Any number of changing circumstances – age, health, income – can cause a change. Now is an ideal time to revisit your risk tolerance, and there are excellent tools to…

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What impact Are Your Investments Making?

Background.  Impact investing began with religious organizations and other non-profits that wanted portfolios in line with their values. Typical concerns in the early years were apartheid, alcohol, tobacco, abortion and armaments.   Negative Screens.  The initial focus was on eliminating stocks that were not consistent with the investor’s values. Common examples of these “sin stocks”…

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How Does The New Tax Act Impact You?

  Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – A Game Changer Estate Taxes – 1. The new law increases the amount that each individual can exclude from estate taxes from $5 Million to $11 Million. If you have an estate worth less than $11 Million, this doesn’t mean you’ll never have to worry about estate planning again.…

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Buy-Sell Agreements: Is Yours in Good Order?

Do you own a business with one or more partners? If so, what’s your game plan when one of the partners dies, becomes disabled or wants to retire? Be sure to address these issues early in the business, to avoid conflict and often serious financial consequences later. Here’s a summary of the key issues.

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It’s All About the Numbers

Most financial and estate planning projects have two components: legal and financial.  All too often we see outstanding  legal documents but limited consideration of the financial implications.  No client should make any of the following decisions without crunching the numbers.   Retirement. Modern financial planning tools provide very sophisticated modelling of different retirement scenarios: When…

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Is Your Estate Plan Defensible – A Checklist

Changes in the Law. How old is your estate plan? If the answer is more than 2-3 years, it is almost certainly out of date based on significant changes in tax law. Example: Many estate plans create a Family Trust with an amount equal to the lifetime exclusion from estate taxes. The exclusion is now…

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Be Sure To Check Your Fees

Here at IWM Advisors, a key part of our investment philosophy is that investors should focus on what they can control. One thing that you can’t control is the market. However, there are three important things that you can control: fees, risk and taxes. This blog focuses on fees. Not sure what you are paying and…

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