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Asset Management

We help ensure that your assets are properly managed to grow and protect your wealth.

Your Comprehensive Financial Profile provides the framework for making decisions about how best to invest and manage your assets.

We look at all aspects of your assets, including:


  • Investments. We complete a detailed review of your current investments, analyzing asset allocation, performance, risk and fees, We also assess how well your investments are aligned with your financial goals. Then we recommend appropriate improvements. Our services encompass selecting and monitoring money managers in all areas: stocks, bonds and alternative investments. We work with top-flight money managers to bring you the best solutions.
  • Insurance. We believe that insurance is an important asset, which needs to be managed as carefully as your investments. We analyze the amount and cost of your current insurance and evaluate the need for new or replacement insurance. We also ensure ownership and beneficiary notices are in order.
  • Fees and Taxes. Two of the biggest barriers to meeting your goals are paying too much in fees and taxes. We pinpoint the exact fees you are currently paying and identify ways to reduce them. We also look for ways to reduce both your income and estate taxes.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Plan first and then invest. Don’t focus on products.
  • The biggest dangers to meeting your goals are taking too many risks, ignoring high fees and paying too much in taxes – not poor performance.
  • Asset location is just as important as asset allocation.
  • Keep the structure of your investments simple. Things go awry when there are too many moving pieces.

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